In Praise of Soap (Camp)

When I was a kid everyone used soap.  Bar soap.   We didn’t have shower gels and body washes.   We had bubble bath, and that wasn’t an every day thing.  Now if you want bar soap from the supermarket you will find a very small section of lonely boxes of Caress, or Dial.  Remember Irish Spring commercials?  What about Coast?   “Coast!  The scent opens your eyes…”

When did everyone stop using soap and how much of our land fill waste is plastic shower gel bottles?   I’m not advocating the use of harsh mass produced soaps, although I would still choose those over shower gels.  What I do want is to get people thinking about how one small change could have a big impact on the amount of waste we produce.   I love soap because when you finish using it there is nothing left behind.  It’s gone.  No bottle to throw out or recycle.

That said, there are thousands of handcrafted soap makers out there making and selling quality soap.  Real soap.  Not detergents, not stuff that is full of surfactants and SLS.  Simple soap that cleans skin without harshness.  Please support these soap makers.  This one miniscule change has a two fold result.  1.  You are supporting a small and presumably local business.  2.  You are making the greener choice.   In other words, you can’t lose.  I don’t care how expensive or silky your body wash is, it won’t make you feel as good as those two things.

I am honored and excited to be joining LaShonda Tyree,  Maria Gelnett, and Delores Harris for Soap Camp on June 4th and 5th.
Come and learn how to make some amazing soap and support these local soap makers.  What they’re doing is more important than you might realize.




  1. Awesome post! I love the sustainability of soap. You pointed out a big fact that they are eco-friendly not filling up landfills with bottles of empty body wash.

    I am glad you will be presenting. A common student of ours told me you are great!


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