This is a shea butter soap scented with a blend of  two Ylang Ylangs, Patchouli, French Lavender, and Nutmeg.  The pink color comes from some bindi powder I picked up at my neighborhood West Indian grocery.

Ylang Ylang tends to be a scent that people either love or hate.  It’s an obvious aphrodisiac.   The fragrance is rich and can be cloying.  I find that the Thai Ylang is not so aggressively floral.  It holds back a little and is more green than the other Ylangs.   The blend for this soap was mostly Thai Ylang and Lavender with Patchouli, Nutmeg, and some Ylang Extra.  I think the pink color gives the soap an innocent quality, so the fragrance translates as sweet and romantic rather than sexy.  So much fun!

Have you smelled different varieties of ylang ylang?  Which are your favorites?