Sandalwood and Khus-sicles

Sandalwood and Khus (vetiver) are both known for their cooling properties,  Khus probably more than Sandalwood.   You would use these like any other flavoring syrup.   They are very sugary but the taste of the plants definitely comes through and it’s wonderful.

I tried them first with very cold water,  roughly one tablespoon syrup in a large glass.  Perfect.   Both syrups create interesting and unexpectedly refreshing drinks.   Even though Sandalwood is my favorite essential oil, I enjoyed the flavor of the Khus more.  Upon tasting the Khus water I immediately wanted to make popsicles!  Grown up  popsicles.  Sadly, I don’t have a popsicle mold so I settled for slushies.

Here’s what you can do with the syrups:

Your basic recipe will be about 1 tablespoon syrup to 16 oz. of flat or sparkling water.  Add additional syrup as desired to suit your tastes.

Use in cocktails!   I used the Sandalwood syrup with the Rose infused vodka.  Amazing!  Again you would adjust for taste and your tolerance for alcohol but I did the following:

2 tablespoons Sandalwood Syrup
3/4 oz.  Rose Vodka – made by adding two drops Rose Absolute to a 200mL bottle of Grey Goose
12oz.   plain seltzer water

Loved every sip!   Please share in the comments if you used these syrups in other cool ways.



  1. Hmmm….I’m thinking about Khus and mint tea. Either hot or cold. In many northern African countries, hot tea is enjoyed irrespective of the weather. What do you think?


    • I think that would taste great hot but, better cold. The nice thing about syrups is the versatility, you could use then so many ways. I’m not feeling these for coffee though, maybe something worth trying.


  2. I live in NYC. where o where dd you find the sandalwood syrup? I’ve been to five stores and they tell me it doesn’t exist. I’m sure it does. I want it for a cocktail.


    • I found it at Patel Cash & Carry on Newark Ave. in Jersey City. There are lots of Indian groceries on the block so it’s possible another store could have it.
      Good Luck.


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