The Beauty of Lemon Juice

Using lemon juice for skin care isn’t exactly groundbreaking, which is kind of the point.  I bet you could name at least three beauty tips involving lemon juice.   But how many have you actually tried?   How often do you use lemon juice instead of astringents, toners, or skin lighteners?

The point of DIY beauty isn’t just knowing about natural ingredients, you have to use them too!  Lemons are abundant, cheap, and like all the best beauty ingredients, they’re good for you on the inside.   Lemon juice is well known for being cleansing to the liver.  The liver is responsible for creating the bile which aids digestion, for breaking down fat and proteins, and for cleansing the body by processing the toxins we ingest.  If your liver isn’t working efficiently the build up of waste can cause weight gain and other health problems.  When we help the liver, we help our body look and feel better.

How I Used Lemon Juice

I decided to add lemon juice to my routine by doing the following:

  • Water with lemon every morning and evening.
  • Use a bit of that same water with lemon as a toner.
  • Use lemon juice to lighten a dark spot on my thigh, and a couple of dark spots on my face.

I didn’t do all three things every day but I managed to get them all in for 20 days of the month.

The Results 

Drinking Water with Lemon
Water with lemon is the easiest thing you can do to assist with internal cleansing.  If you need to make healthy changes but are having a hard time, start with water and lemon.  I drink the juice of 1/2 lemon in a large glass of  water with lemon fairly regularly.  I can’t say I noticed any big changes as a result of doing it this month.   My skin looks more clear but that might be from the next step . . .

Using Lemon Juice as a Toner
Wow!   Amazing results in this department.  My skin tends to be dry but congested so I need something that takes away just the right amount of oil.  The lemon in water solution is perfect.  Not only did it leave my skin feeling super clean, but my pores were noticeably smaller after the first use.  Best of all, it wasn’t drying.  Juice of 1/2 lemon in 16oz. water yielded the best result for me, you should adjust based on your own skin issues.  This experiment also served as a reminder that when our skin changes we need to change ‘products’.    I was still using aloe vera gel as a nightly toner/cleanser because of my dry skin, but I needed something with more astringency.  I am thrilled with the results.  Big thumbs up to using water with lemon juice as a toner or cleanser.

Using Lemon Juice to Lighten Dark Spots
I have what appears to be a mole on my right thigh.  It’s a small, flat, very dark spot where the skin has thickened a bit.  I decided to use the lemon juice here because the results would be the easiest to see.   The method was pure lemon juice applied to dark spots using a Q-tip.  For the first 15 days I only dabbed the juice onto the area.  It didn’t occur to me to massage it into the skin (duh).  Once I started to massage the lemon juice into my mole, the lightening  progressed more quickly.  The mole has gone from black brown to just brown with some fading at the edges.   There was also noticeable lightening of some dark spots on my face but strangely one of them was unaffected.  I did take before and after pics of the mole but they weren’t detailed enough to capture the subtle differences in something so small.

The Wrap Up 

I’m not blond so unfortunately I didn’t try creating my own highlights.  I didn’t have any blackheads pop up this month, so I couldn’t test the theory that lemon juice dissolves blackheads.  Based on the results of my other experiments I would definitely recommend trying lemon juice for both if you’re so inclined.  Give lemon juice a try anytime you need to cleanse, clear, or lighten.

Does lemon juice shrink pores, clean skin, and tone skin?  Yes.
Does lemon juice lighten dark spots?   Yes.
Should water with lemon be part of your health and beauty routine?  Yes.

What are your favorite ways to use lemons and lemon juice?



    • I used the juice of a half lemon, medium sized in a large glass of water (16 oz. ). The juice of a 1/2 lemon is about 1/4 cup or 2oz. Adjust for your particular needs.


  1. So, I tried the lemon juice & warm water as a toner yesterday and immediately noticed positive results! My pores were much smaller and my skin was super smooth and soft. I tried it again at night and this morning and am excited to add it to my beauty routine!


    • Hi Jane,
      I do not know if lemon juice will get rid of moles but based on the experience I had I would say that you could at least try to fade them with lemon juice.


  2. I decided to try it to get rid off my blackheads (I have quite the collection…) and they were almost all gone in one try, I’ll use it again tomorrow and see how it does for round two.


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