DIY beauty is the beauty system of the future.  If you think DIY beauty is only about getting pretty then you’ve missed the point.  The point is creativity, resourcefulness, frugality and self-reliance.  Making yourself beautiful is just the icing on the cake.

It’s very clear that people in the U.S. are going through a cultural shift.  We’re no longer interested in just being consumers and many of us simply can’t afford that life anymore.  We are saving, simplifying and adding to our DIY skill set.  Here are my favorite reasons to replace manufactured skin care products with items you’ve made yourself and why I think everyone will be doing this in the near future.

Know exactly what your skin is absorbing.
DIY beauty means nothing goes on your skin that you don’t understand.  No ingredients you can’t pronounce, no synthetic fragrance or toxic preservatives.  It’s like choosing to cook from scratch instead of microwaving a TV dinner.  Actually one of the best places to find skin care products is your kitchen.  Plain yogurt, oatmeal, avocados, lemons, sugar, sea salt, cornmeal, and olive oil can all be used to care for your skin.  DIY beauty means knowing complicated ingredients don’t make a product better.

Save time and money by not having to shop for products.
DIY beauty means learning to make a high quality product for less than you’d pay for a low quality product.  You can create whatever you need for pennies with no time spent shopping online or in real life.

Reduce waste and trash by cutting out the middlemen.
People seem to think buying organic beauty products is enough to show they care about the planet, but organic beauty products still have to be manufactured, packaged, and shipped. Each step of this process uses resources and creates pollution.
Beauty products aren’t mysterious, you only need a small collection of raw materials to make everything you might want.  Invest in quality glass jars and bottles that can be reused to decrease the amount of trash you produce.  It might not seem like much but it’s an action anyone can take.  A lifetime habit of DIY beauty does have a positive impact.

Everything you make will be custom.  
Make what your skin or hair needs instead of hoping a product made for everybody will work for your particular issues.  Make your own decisions about what to use instead of depending on the opinions of people who only want to sell you something.

DIY beauty is a trend that will stick and become a way of life for most people.  This might happen due to necessity,  a wish to live more creatively or a desire to be better stewards of our resources.  I’m looking forward to people rediscovering the DIY approach to beauty.

Has making your own beauty products sparked other changes in your life?