How Essential Oils Can Save You Money

Most people’s first exposure to essential oils is through Aromatherapy which sometimes is unfortunate.  At best the narrative surrounding Aromatherapy in the U.S.  is  focused on relaxation and luxury.  At worst it’s perceived as something a little airy fairy and not to be taken that seriously.  But those of us who love essential oils know things casual observers will never see.  Learning about essential oils can create value you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life.

How Can Something Useless and Expensive Save Me Money?

Essential oils don’t seem like a very good investment from a frugal lifestyle perspective, however knowing how to use essential oils allows you to eliminate many household product purchases and greatly improves your DIY skill set.

Let me explain using Lavender as an example.  A  1oz. bottle of good quality Lavender essential oil can be purchased for $20-$25.  You can find less expensive Lavender but based on my experience the quality won’t be great.

A 1 oz. bottle of Lavender contains approximately 750 drops of essential oil so your cost for the Lavender is $.03 per drop.   A $25 bottle of lavender can be used in the following ways:

  • As a remedy for headaches  – Bottle of generic aspirin $7.99
  • To heal burns and cuts  –  1/2 oz. tube of Neosporin $6.29
  • Make lavender body lotion –  Drug store lavender body lotion $7-$12
  • Lavender room spray –    Brand Name natural lavender spray $4.99
  • Remedy for acne or oily skin –  Drug store brands $8 – $17
  • Sore Muscle bath soak –  Drug store brands $6 – $15
  • Moisturizing face cream – Drug store brands  $8-$30
  • Relieve insomnia –  OTC remedies $7-$20
  • Soothe anxiety  – OTC remedies  $5- $29

See the value?
You buy one item with multiple functions instead of multiple items with only one function.  Boom.  Based on that alone it’s clear that essential oils should be an important part of any frugal lifestyle.

But wait there’s more…
The value in making essential oils a part of your lifestyle is greater than saving money.

How much time could you save if you never had to shop for any of the products listed above?  How much gasoline?
How much trash can you save from the landfill or recycling bin?
How much worry can you save by knowing exactly what’s in the products you’re using?
How much confidence can you gain by creating solutions instead of buying them?
How would that confidence impact other aspects of your life?

One last point about what essential oils can bring to your life.  Improving yourself is hard work.  You constantly need discipline, willpower and the ability to sacrifice for future gain. The joy of being surrounded by natural fragrances is a guilt free pleasure you can indulge anytime sticking to your budget, your workouts, or your diet gets overwhelming.

Now that’s value!


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