Five Aromatherapy Pet Peeves

#2:  Eucalyptus being described as relaxing, grounding, or earthy. 
Eucalyptus is the total opposite of all these things.  I think when people inhale Eucalyptus it makes them feel great and so ‘relaxing’ is the first word that comes to mind.  I’d like to suggest the following alternatives:  awakening, invigorating, expansive, cleansing, or energizing.

#3:  Using the word SCENTS in place of the word SENSE. 
No disrespect to anyone who does this but I think the time has come to put these homophones to bed.  While the expression is pretty genius,  this type of word play has been used so much it’s hard to find it clever or cute.  Maybe the next wave is enjoying made up words like scentuition, scenter, and for Spanish speakers, scentido.

#4:  Recipes that call for hard to find or very expensive essential oils. 
My feeling on this – if you know enough about essential oils to publicly share recipes then you should also know if an EO is hard to find or very expensive.  Help your readers out by offering potential substitutions.  If the recipe can only be made with the oil called for, please explain why.

#5:  Expensive or rare EO’s in shower gels and body scrubs. 
I’m all for luxurious bath products but I wouldn’t dare use my Sandalwood in a shower gel or body scrub.  To me this is an extravagant waste of precious EO, literally sending it down the drain.  Same goes for Neroli, Rose, or Jasmine. Of course using these oils in the bath is perfectly acceptable if one is having a Cleopatra moment but I prefer to enjoy expensive EO’s in lotion, perfume, or body oil; products that stay on the skin.

Do you have Aromatherapy pet peeves? MLM’s? Bad YouTube videos?  Please share in the comments and thanks for reading!

Bonus!  When fragrance oils are promoted and sold as aromatherapy.  For example the new trend with Oxygen Bars is to add aromatherapy so visitors can inhale the ‘relaxing’ aromas along with the oxygen.  Some of the aromatherapy scents being offered:  Vanilla, Lavender, Coconut, Cherry, and Pumpkin.  Sigh.


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