Three Reasons to Scent Your Space

One of the things I care about when it comes to sharing essential oil information is expanding the perception of how oils can be used.  Everyone knows essential oils have therapeutic value.  Did you also know they offer one of the simplest and creative ways to naturally scent your home or business?  Today’s post is an excerpt from The Fragrant Corner Guide to Essential Oils for Home Fragrance:

Stepping into a nicely scented environment immediately creates a sense of well being.

  Think about it for a moment.  The location doesn’t really matter, you could be at home, at the gym, your favorite shop or a hotel lobby.  A pleasant fragrance offers subtle reassurance that we’re in a place worthy of our time.  Our bodies relax and our minds open as we anticipate what is sure to be good experience.

Now think for a moment of the opposite vibe.  Imagine entering a damp basement or house where fish has been cooked.  Are you relaxed or is your mind focused on the smell?  Do you want to stay in that space?  Take it further and imagine entering a room without any noticeable fragrance.  What attracts your attention and how does that feed your impression of the space?

Despite being unseen and unheard, scent communicates a lot about a space.  How and what we use to scent a room matters.  The wrong scent can cancel out the thoughtful work you’ve put into your decor, housekeeping or event planning.  Scent communicates three important things to people entering a space:

Cleanliness –  No one can relax in a place that feels dirty and the right scent reinforces the perception of clean.  Of course the smell of lavender won’t cover up a hoarding problem, but pleasant fragrances make people less likely to notice you forgot to dust or vacuum.

Hospitality – Walking into a space with a nice scent makes people feel welcomed.  The extra touch lets people know that their presence is desired and appreciated.  It tells them you care about your space and the people who enter, which is one of the most important parts of being a host.

Atmosphere – The right scent reinforces the purpose of a space and is congruent with the activities happening there. For example, using scents associated with romance in your work space would be hugely distracting, taking away from your productivity and focus.  Meditation, working out, or socializing have very different energies and the wrong kind of scent can subtly interfere with the activities planned for space.


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