Welcome to The Fragrant Corner!

My goal is to empower you, not just tell you what to do or buy.  
I love teaching people about essential oils and helping them become confident in their knowledge and informed enough to make their own decisions.  Incorporating essential oils into your lifestyle is very rewarding but it takes effort.  The Fragrant Corner is designed to help people learn to help themselves when it comes to using essential oils safely, effectively and with confidence.

My first introduction to essential oils was in 2001 and since then I’ve been using them both personally and professionally.  I’ve worked in the retail essential oil business and taught classes on essential oil related topics.  I have experience solving problems and answering real questions from real people.

Essential oils are tools you can use to improve any part of your life. 
Essential oil knowledge is incredibly useful for health and wellness but there are other immeasurable benefits to incorporating essential oils into your life.

  • Learn to create high quality products for wellness, home and beauty for less than the cost of low quality products from the supermarket or drug store.
  • Improve your resourcefulness and creativity, learn to make what you need with the resources you have available rather than default to buying products.
  • Develop a deeper appreciation for nature and the wonderful plants that provide our raw materials.
  • Make your daily routine more enjoyable and luxurious.

Essential oils can be used for wellness applications but also for skin care, beauty, personal perfume, home fragrance, product fragrance, cooking, household cleaning, pest control, meditation, mindfulness practice and to enhance just about every part of daily life.  I consider it my job to help readers squeeze every drop of value possible from their essential oils.

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Christina Dille – Registered Aromatherapist 
Email:  Christina@fragrantcorner.com