Best EO Books

I’m adamant that people interested in using essential oils buy at least 1-2 aromatherapy  books to use as reference guides.  If you’re planning to use essential oils for wellness purposes, for skin care, or on your children and pets, please do not let the internet be your only source of information.  You need a good reference book to check whether or not the recommendations you’ve read make therapeutic sense and if the application instructions are safe.  Good reference books are a necessity for any serious user of essential oils.

I highly recommend Valerie Worwood’s Essential Aromatherapy.
It’s a small pocket guide format that has informative essential oil profiles.  Users can research by essential oil or specific condition.  For conditions the book advises which essential oils and application methods are appropriate.   There is also a brief overview section that gives you the principles behind aromatherapy.  I often use this book for quick fact checks in the middle of projects.




Another excellent reference guide is Salvatore Battaglia’s Complete Guide to Essential Oils and Aromatherapy. While substantially more expensive than Essential Aromatherapy the depth of information provided is well worth the price. This book explains the chemistry behind essential oils, has very detailed essential oil profiles, and discusses using aromatherapy for each body system.  Nicknamed The Aromatherapy Bible, this is a professional level book that is well worth the investment and useful at every stage of your essential oil journey.



If you’re mostly interested in the esoteric uses of essential oils then Gabriel Mojay’s Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit is a must.  Although not usually credited, the information in this book is often repeated in Ebooks and articles about using essential oils to heal anxiety, depression, grief, and fear.





Another title by Worwood, The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy is most useful for its numerous recipes.  This book is perfect for those starting to create their own wellness and beauty formulas. You’ll find recipes for home, wellness, skin care, children and pets.  This is the perfect supplement to Essential Aromatherapy because you can use that book to find substitutions if you don’t have an oil called for in one of the recipes.